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Find Answers to Your Denture Questions

At Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd, our personalized service includes providing you the information you need to make educated decisions about your denture care. On this page, we’ve included answers to many common questions we hear from our patients. If you need further guidance, please call to schedule your free consultation or simply fill out our easy-to-use contact form.

Q: Will dentures change my appearance?

A: With the advances in prosthodontic technology, dentures can now be personalized to your gums, lips, tongue and all of the unique characteristics of your mouth. Chances are you will barely notice any change in appearance. Of course, you might notice your new, beautiful smile from Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd.

Q: Can I still eat the same food?

A: Like many other things in life, practice and patience are critical here. For example, when eating something like an apple, you were probably used to biting in and tearing away the piece you wanted. When wearing dentures, you will want to bite in and not pull your head away until you have a piece in your mouth. There will be an adjustment period and we advise patients to start with easy-to-chew foods and to cut food into smaller pieces.

Q: Will there be changes to my speech?

A: Much like eating, there will be an adjustment period, but you should be able to regain your normal speech in a short time. There may be a lisp at the beginning but with a little practice, your tongue and lips will adjust to your dentures. Keep in mind, Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd is here to help if you encounter any problems and need adjustments.

Q: How long will my dentures last?

A: As a general rule, dentures can last between 5 to 10 years. Keep in mind that your gums will continue to change shape as you age and adjustments to your dentures will be needed. A complete replacement will be required eventually. You should also maintain your annual dental appointment to ensure proper oral health.

Q: How should I clean my dentures?

A:  Ideally, your dentures should be cleaned after every meal. If this is impractical, clean them as soon as after eating as possible. Always clean your dentures over a basin of water or a damp towel to avoid breakage if you drop them. Hold them gently between thumb and fingers; never squeeze them in your palm. You should use a denture brush and a good denture cleaner. Avoid gritty pastes or powders and use only lukewarm water, never hot water.

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