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We Repair and Reline Dentures in Airdrie


Your mouth will change over time; this is not unusual. But it does mean you will need to have your dentures relined. When you need to reline your dentures in Airdrie, come to Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd. We offer fast turnaround times on relining dentures, and we also offer repairs on dentures that have become damaged and cracked. 

Jaw tissues often change due to resorption, something that can take months or even years to happen. Resorption can happen for many reasons, such as weight loss, loss of teeth, bone loss following surgery, disease, or even normal aging.

Denture repairs attempt to restore fractured or damaged dentures to close to their original condition. We can provide same-day service on denture repairs. We can also advise you on taking steps to avoid further breakage.

To book an appointment for relines or repairs on your dentures, please contact our office today .


Just as you are required to take care of your teeth daily, in the same way, dentures also require everyday maintenance and care. Cleaning and maintaining your dentures is a must for ensuring their prolonged lifetime. However, sometimes dentures need to be repaired. This is where your denturist at Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd can help. There are various types of denture damages that need to be repaired. These include a crack in the base of the denture, a chip in the teeth and even in the case of a loosened tooth in the denture.


Contact us today and we will help assess the damage and come up with effective solutions over the course of a few hours. 


After your denturist has installed the denture in your mouth, your jaw bone is bound to shrink in size, causing your dentures to fit differently over a period of time. Now, as and when the dentures lose their grip, they can cause a great amount of discomfort. When this happens, it is time for you to get a denture reline.

When you visit our clinic for denture relining, our denturist will take an impression of the tissues in your mouth for adding a new acrylic base to your denture. Most denturists recommend relining the dentures every one and a half to three years as a part of maintenance. 

Don’t wait to have your denture repaired. If there are any problems you face, reach out to us and we will be happy to help! 

Signs that indicate you need a denture reline:

  • Dentures feel loose.

  • Food is accumulated under the denture.

  • Experiencing more sore areas than usual.

  • Air feels trapped under the denture.


What is a denture reline?
A denture reline is a dental process that involves adding a new pink base material to the tissue side of any denture so that it fits properly. It is also important to know that a  denture reline affects only the fitting of your denture. It is necessary when you face tissue changes due to resorption (shrinkage). 

How much does a denture repair cost?

The expense of a denture repair is dependent entirely on the extent to which your denture is being repaired. 

How long does it take to reline a denture?

Usually, denture relines can be done within a day.

How much does a denture reline cost?

The cost of your denture relining depends on whether or not your denturist relines just a layer of acrylic to refit your denture. You can find out more about the specific costing of denture relining by booking a free consultation with us today!

How long does a soft reline last?

Soft liners are applied by denturists to the tissue fittings surface of your denture base since they act as shock absorbers. Due to their porous nature, soft liners may need to be replaced more often.


Most of the time, frequent changes to your oral or medical health can severely affect the fitting and functionality of your denture. To ensure that your dentures last long, it is advised you visit your denturist at least once a year. During your visit, your denturist will check for signs of broken teeth and will examine your overall oral health. 

Since your dentures do not change that easily over time, they may need frequent examinations that help detect oral cancer or any other abnormal conditions.

In a case where your denture has deteriorated in its condition and is affecting your ability to chew your food or even your speech, you need to immediately get checked. 

Here are some factors that will be covered during your oral examination:

  • Updation of your dental and medical history.

  • Discussion of options available based on your needs.

  • Intra-oral examination.

  • Esthetics, stability and bite of the dentures.

  • Checking the integrity of the denture.

  • Review of your oral hygiene procedures and dental care.

  • Cleaning and polishing of your dentures if required.

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